She  felt it all along. The pain, hopelessness, desperation and vanity of it all. She felt it trickle like ice-cold water on warm skin. Like heat, melting her being and molding her into this character, this person she barely recognized but she just sat there and watched. The transformation consumed her, broke her down to the core leaving the once belittled sentiments, cynical criticisms and perceptions of others to guide her path.

She had lost it all, her faith, her hope, her self-worth and most importantly her very being. It had become incomprehensible for her life to cross paths with such fate. Was it meant to teach her an invaluable life lesson or to simply awaken her spirit to the realization of a greater destiny?

All the while she tried to diligently live, love and laugh in all the wrong ways and in the end it didn’t really matter. It was memorable, unforgettable actually but it was one of those memories that felt stolen. Like it wasn’t quite right; in timing, places and the people. For a split moment it made her feel wanted, loved, deserving and beautiful but just for a moment. But what good is of love, desire or joy if it doesn’t last a lifetime?



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